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The COI-SMART System

What is COI-SMART?
The HCCS COI-SMART system provides comprehensive tools for tracking and managing Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures. COI-SMART provides for the development of multi-level branching questionnaires, automated assignment of reviewers, the development of COI management plans, and data mining tools for auditing, tracking and reporting on potential conflicts of interest.
How does COI-SMART Help?
Conflicts of Interest (COI) can jeopardize the quality of patient care, the integrity of scientific investigations and research projects and the objectivity of medical education. Conflicts can threaten the fiscal health of - and the public's trust in - your medical enterprise. It’s important for healthcare facilities to know which staff members have potential conflicts of interest and to review and create a management plan for each potential conflict. For a large facility this process of discovery and mitigation can be overwhelming and burdensome, requiring an enormous amount of manual effort.

COI-SMART automates and organizes this process.

COI-SMART can bring a level of transparency to your business to help comply with the provisions of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act (which were incorporated into the Affordable Care Act), as well as NIH regulations, internal policies, grant and contract requirements and COI requirements of the IRS Form 990. In addition, public trust and compliance require fiduciary, board and senior management accountability. Many organizations are requiring ALL staff members to complete COI disclosure forms at least annually.

COI-SMART facilitates the management of Conflict of Interests (COI) by bringing all of the communications and source materials relevant to a COI disclosure into one organized, accessible and searchable online database. This information can then be analyzed and managed in accordance with the organization's COI policies by all authorized parties, including respondents, reviewers and COI decision makers.

The ability to create, track and report on a resolution for each disclosure facilitates mutual understanding. The ability to create customized yet consistent management plans for disclosures that are determined to be conflicts helps an organization to meet government requirements and to reduce financial risk. The result is quicker, clearer and more consistent decision making and conflict management.

Conducting “one to one” conversations with everyone in the organization to ensure that all COI policies are followed and documented is simply not possible, for reasons including time, cost and staff resources. The COI-SMART system automates this process and automatically documents communication between reviewers, respondents and the COI Committee.